Born This Way – Form 990

Gawker published a story¬†about Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, this afternoon.¬†The article looks at how the BTWF used its $2.1 million in net assets during 2012.

How did they do this article you my ask?

Well it’s simple. Non-profit organizations falling under IRS designation 501c3 must file a Form 990, which lists basic information about revenue and expenditures. Form 990s are public and can be accessed via Guidestar, an organization that specializes in collecting information on non-profits. To download a Form 990: go to Guidestar, sign in (990’s are free but you must create an account), search for the organization, click the “Form 990 & Docs” tab, and download the form you want.

Below is the 2012 Form 990 for the Born This Way Foundation. Try fact checking the Gawker story. How did they do?

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