Audio News Assignment

This assignment will give you some experience creating an audio news story. Your script for the story will be due in class on Tuesday, February 14th. The final audio edit embedded in a short, online print story will be due the 16th.


The assignment is to create a short radio news story (~1:00) about Illinois naming September 26 Gold Star Families Day. [ed. note: I found this raw audio last semester. It is a great teaching example, so I am using it again. Pretend like it is new news.]

We are using an example from Illinois, because they provide much easier access to raw audio from the Governor’s events than Tennessee.

You will create a radio news story including:

  • Narration (which you will have to write and record)
  • Audio from the event and from a press gaggle with the Governor after the event (both provided)

Once you created your audio story, you will create a corresponding print story in which you will embed your audio story. Use SoundCloud to embed your audio.

You can find all the raw info you need to complete the assignment at this link (on Mac control click and choose “save as…”). It includes:

  • Audio from the event (17 minutes)
  • Press gaggle with Governor after event (6 minutes)
  • 2 photos that are clear to use in the print story
  • Press release from the Governor’s office about Gold Star Families Day

If you need more background on Gold Star Families, you can learn more about them at this website. If you don’t know how to use Audacity for audio editing learn here.