Using MOGRT in Premiere

A MOGRT is a motion graphics template, which allows you to make complex animated graphics in After Effects that can be easily edited in Premiere. In this example, I made a text slide for our oral history-style interviews we did with Medal of Honor recipients.

Step One – Download the MOGRT (text_slide_template.MOGRT) from the Google Drive. I put it in the “Reusable Video Assets” folder.

Step Two – Next you need import the MOGRT into Premiere. To do this, you need to open up the “Essential Graphics” tab. Go to Window > Essential Graphics. It should look like this:

To import the text slide template, click the little square with the plus sign at the very bottom of the essential graphics tab. Find the template you downloaded, select it and hit open.

Step Three – Now we can use the template. To use it, go to the search bar at the top of the essential graphics tab and search for “text.” You should see the template in the window below the search bar. It should look like this:

Now just select the template and drag it on to your timeline. It should drop on to your timeline like any other graphic.

Step Four – Finally, we need to customize the graphic, by changing the text to match the section of the video. All you need to do is click on the graphic in the timeline and flip over to the edit subtab of the essential graphics timeline (click “edit” up at the very top of the essential graphics tab).

In the edit window, you should see a box for main text. Just enter the new text in there. You have a max of four lines of text you can use. If you go over four lines, the text won’t show up (and your text is too long), so shorten it up.

Some notes – The animation starts at 15 frames in, so you have a bit of time to dissolve to the text slide. The graphic is 30 seconds, but it should only be up for 8-10 seconds tops. Make sure the viewer has enough time to read all the text. One way to test if it is on screen long enough is to try reading the text aloud. If you can read the whole thing out loud, most people will be able to read it.

Second MOGRT

Also I created an open, which is in the “Reusable Video Assets” folder. It is also a MOGRT. The only thing that is different is that in addition to adjusting the main text (i.e., Woody Williams in the above example) you can also adjust the scale (i.e., size) and position of the main text. This is because names are different sizes and we want them to come close matching the width of the header and footer text.

Again I put 15 frames of pad at the beginning.